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LPG & BBQ Cylinder Retesting

Automotive Tank Testing

Automotive cylinders are constructed to outlast the life of the vehicle, (provided they are installed correctly and not subject to abuse) but require retesting every 10 years. This involves removing the cylinder from the vehicle and decanting. All valving is then removed and a full internal visual inspection is carried out. The pressure relief valve is replaced, and all other removed valves are testing for functionality before reinstalling, replacing any appropriate seals. The cylinder is then subjected to a pressure test using nitrogen to confirm there are no leaks and subsequently recommissioned for a further 10 years.

BBQ Gas Bottles

Your BBQ gas bottle like an automotive cylinder, also has a commissioned life of ten years. The retest involves removing the tap from the cylinder and carrying out a full internal inspection before replacing the tap with a new unit. The pressure relief valve is part of the tap assembly so the entire valve assembly is replaced in a retest. All retested bottes are stamped with the new retest date and are filled prior to collection. We can also decant and purge cylinders for travel (with certification) purposes as required by freight companies. Retesting your BBQ bottle is inexpensive and is more environmentally sensible, decreasing landfill and unnecessary manufacturing. We can also fill your BBQ gas bottles.

Refrigerant Bottles

Refridgerant bottles are also required to be retested every ten years. There are a variety of different valving styles, pressure relief valve values and refriderant changes over time, all of which are accommodated and available for retesting, upgrading and recommissioning.