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Financial Benefits

Converting your vehicle to LPG can save you up to 50% of your current fuel bill. LPG has proven efficiency and reliability and results in immediate money saving.

The fuel economy of an LPG powered vehicle is determined by a number of factors. The majority of late model vehicles should expect to use around 20% more LPG than petrol. This is due to the fact that there is less energy than petrol. Depending on driving styles and conditions, this percentage can drop further increasing your savings.

leaf  RACQ – Car Advice – LP Gas


Environmental Benefits

LPG has amongst the lowest greenhouse gas emissions of all commercially available fuels, when calculated over its full life. LPG offers the lowest greenhouse gas emissions per 100km travelled as compared with all fuels analysed. The emissions were lower than petrol and diesel in every region and 12% lower than ethanol (E85).

The links below show a significant decrease in emissions as posted by the Australian Government.

leaf  Australian Government: Dept of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population, and Communities – Reducing greenhouse gas emissions


Health Benefits – LPG vs Diesel

Diesel powered vehicles may appear good value for money at first glance with the high consumption figures, but further research may show that it may not have the benefits when all costs and emissions are considered:

  • The purchase cost of a diesel vehicle is more expensive
  • Servicing and maintenance costs are also higher
  • But a greater consideration is the emissions.

In July 2012, the World Health Organisation officially declared that the exhaust fumes of a diesel vehicle are carcinogenic to humans. This has created change in Europe with a decisive move away from diesel to direct injection petrol engines. The links below provide information which outline the potential risks to your health and extra running costs.

leaf  The Sydney Morning Herald – Diesel Cancer Link

leaf  Diesel exhaust causes lung cancer: WHO report

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